Ongoing & Upcoming Events

The following is provided to give an update on ongoing and upcoming events. More detailed information can be found throughout the website.

Events on I-93 NB and SB between Exits 3 and 4 (14633B)

  • January 2018 to July 2018 -

    January to April 2018 – Drainage has begun to be installed on I-93 southbound, worked on the North Lowell Road southbound bridge. Fordway Extension Bridge abutments were completed. Rock bolt work and hand scaling in the southern rock cuts began.

    May to July 2018 – Rock bolt work, rock drain installation, and hand scaling in the rock cuts will continue in the southern rock cut areas. Select materials and pavement will be placed on I-93 southbound. Demolition of the southbound North Lowell Road Bridge will also take place. Work on the Fordway Extension Bridge will continue along with drainage installation on I-93 southbound. Other items, such as fence installation and ITS conduit, cameras and foundation, are anticipated.

    October 2019 - Anticipated final completion.

I-93 NB and SB between Exit 5 and the I-293 Split (14633H)

  • January 2018 to July 2018 -

    January to April 2018 – Work on I-93 has consisted of blasting, rock crushing, slope work and drainage installations. Bridge demolition at the Cohas Brook and Bodwell Road Bridges began and was completed for the current construction phasing. Work at the northern Cohas Brook consisted of construction a retaining wall and installing piles. Piles were also driven for the Bodwell Road Bridge.

    May to July 2018 – Bridge work on Cohas Brook and Bodwell Road will continue. Roadway work will consist of drainage installation, processing rock, and paving. Rolling roadblocks will occur periodically during off peak hours as needed.

    October 2019 - Anticipated final completion.

Exit 3 Park and Ride (10418H)

  • November 2017 to July 2018 -

    November 2017 - The new Park and Ride facility in the area of Exit 3, creating over 140 spaces for vehicles is complete. Access to the Park and Ride is from NH 111 or from the newly constructed portion of NH 111A. This new Park and Ride replaces the temporary Park and Ride that was at the intersection of NH 111 and Wall Street. The new Park and Ride was completed at the end of October 2017 and on November 6, 2017 the temporary Park and Ride closed.

    May to July 2018 - Minor repair work to the sidewalks to be complete, which will complete the project.

Exit 4 Interchange and NH Route 102 Work (14633D)

  • January 2018 to July 2018 -

    January to April 2018 – Work continued on NH Route 102 including drainage work, utility relocations, and installing rock sockets for a new overhead sign structure. Work on the new NH Route 102 Bridge made great strides with setting the bridge steel, setting the concrete deck panels, placing the deck formwork, and placing the steel reinforcement. Roadway work on NH Route 102 included drainage installation, and sewer work. The I-93 NB culvert at Beaver Brook was removed and the new bridge construction began. Work continued on the Kendall Pond Road Bridge including demolition work and the construction of a new pier. Work on the Ash Street/Pillsbury Road Bridge involved constructing the bridge abutments, construction retaining walls, and some select material placement on Ash Street. Roadway work continued on northbound I-93 including drainage installations, and retaining wall construction along I-93.

    May to July 2018 – Work will continue on NH Route 102 for the bridge approaches including paving and utility work. Work on the Exit 4 ramps will also take place. Construction of the bridge deck on the new NH Route 102 Bridge will continue. The Ash Street Bridge work will continue with the installation of Ash Street/Pillsbury Road Bridge structural steel and bridge deck. Roadway work on the east side of Ash Street for the bridge approach will also occur. Work will continue on the retaining wall adjacent to I-93. I-93 northbound mainline approaching the NH Route 102 Bridge and the northbound off ramp will be paved.

    September 2020 - Anticipated final completion.

I-93 Mainline Between Exits 4 and 5 (14633I)

  • January 2018 to July 2018 -

    January to April 2018 – I-93 traffic was placed in a temporary configuration allowing work on the I-93 to proceed outside of the influence of traffic. This also allowed the removal of the pavement, installation of drainage, blasting, installation of select materials and paving to occur. Work on the I-93 southbound Stonehenge Bridge including pouring the abutments, pouring the back walls, and resetting the concrete beams. Demolition work on the I-93 northbound bridge began. Work on I-93 northbound is also progressing with many items including drainage installation, some paving operations, and earthwork operations.

    May to July 2018 – Roadway work on I-93 will continue with drainage, installation of select materials and pavement. Work on the Stonehenge Road Bridge will include installation of new bridge beams in the newly widened areas. Rolling roadblocks may be utilized to assist with night time traffic marking operations. Nighttime lane closures during off peak hours will be required on I-93 to install the new bridge beams for Stonehenge Road.

    August 2019 - Anticipated final completion. | privacy policy | accessibility policy
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