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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) refers to a broad range of diverse technologies applied to transportation to make systems safer, more efficient, more reliable and more environmentally friendly. They include services and systems which are based on advanced technologies such as computers, communications and electronics, called "intelligent" because their essential functions are based on attributes normally associated with intelligence – sensory capabilities, memory, communications, information processing and adaptive behavior.

These systems will include the installation of traffic cameras and detectors, weather monitoring systems and message boards that are controlled and monitored through the Department's new state-of-the-art Traffic Management Center (TMC). Information from the TMC can then be broadcast on the internet so that motorists, TV stations, and radio stations can access the information via web sites at any time.

The traffic cameras and detecting equipment give the NHDOT real time information about how traffic is behaving on the roadway. The Department and emergency responders will be alerted to traffic jams or accidents as they occur, which will allow them to respond more quickly to the incident. The weather monitoring systems alert the Department and NHDOT road maintenance personnel to potential icing conditions along the roadway, allowing them to more effectively and quickly apply de-icing materials to the road. The message boards can advise the traveling public on I-93 of incidents or important information miles ahead of when it may affect their travel.

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